Plato shouts loud out from his grave, and as an artist I face the sky, for that he believed in heavens… In the sparkles that fall from heavens I see my own reflection! ‘Miroirs’ define me, through out my work, my work is defined with me.
that is the memory, body of me, which shapes from my reality, will, conflict, lust, pleasure and endurance within, those flutter like noctuelles. They are defined through the narration. The purpose of them is at times to be a protagonist, at times to be an antagonist.
Everything bears a responsibility in the creation of my work. Colours, they serve as emotions. Brushes and palette knives, they become extensions of my arms. Canvases are my landscapes, which I cultivate. Writing serves as a drawing medium. Process and techniques are languages in their own right, which I speak to give a body to the work.
However, not always are they enough to express. At times my literal body is it, and it is needed to be captured by mimetic tools; what documents and records in order to be the work of art of its own. My daily and private life find their way to subjects and become part of the work. Perform, I do, as I go on living, day in, day out. After all, no one walks nor speaks like me.
Autobiographical confessions, which are me, from me.
Those confessions come to life from the moments; which are at times very peculiar, extraordinary, other times; happy, sad or confused… At those moments the will of the heart, which is in trance with the mind, rules!
Art it is and I manifest myself.
Aleksandre Sadusevski
Artist Statement 

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